7 Best Android Apps for Call Recording [JUNE 2020]

Many peoples want to record their call for their safety and as an evidence at the format of a voice conversation. But they can’t record their calls and conversations because the features is not available on their phone. I’m not saying that, its for all phones. Many of the latest phones are not comes with automatic call recording features.


The call recording plays a very important role for me, when I am on call with my friends and talking about some ideas, I’m not getting worried about it. I know that its save as a file, and when I found that’s something gets missed or forgot. I listen to the conversation again. I understand that when, if it is important for me then how is it important for you.

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Before you get into this article, Let me clear the first things to you. Google is restricted voice call recording after the Android Pie updates. Because of their many Android phones do not come with call recording feature and the third-party apps is not working properly. Some phones come with a basic call recording with minimal or lesser features.

We made a list of 7 Best Android apps for call recording. So let us begin

Note: Calls recording is illegal and restricted in some countries. So, be sure to check your country status. Before using of these call recording apps.

Best Android Apps for Call Recording

As per written in the 3rd paragraph, Many third-party apps is not getting work properly. You can try these apps on your device and check, what’s suitable for your android devices. In this list, I am damn sure that the first two apps definitely work on your android device phones. 1. Call recorder ACR and 2. Cube call recorder ACR. Both apps are running very smoothly on every android phone. (Let me know if it apps is work for you or not) In other word both is the best call recorder app for android.

Note: I tested these apps on Realme 3 pro(Android 10) and all of these app works properly. The apps are getting work or not it depends on your devices.

Call Recorder ACR

call recorder acr

Call Recording ACR is a call recorder app for android. With the recording of incoming and outgoging both its also offers you to auto delete old recordings, password protected call recordings, delayed recordings and cloud service to store your recording as well.

Its cloud service is support in its pro version. This app also offers you to directly send your call recording to email, WhatsApp, etc. You can use this app, free with ads.


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Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube call Recorder ACR

Cube call recorder is that app does not only record your calls, It also record your various VoIP services like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, and more. You will have to try this app and check it.

Its completely free app. It’s not asking or offers to you for the premium version and the most important things it does not show you any kind of ads.


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Automatic Call Recording

automatic call recorder

Automatic call recordings is the best automatic call recorder apps for android. Here you can manually set your recording for that person’s which calls you want to record and you also can select that you do not want to record their calls. The app made all calls auto recordable.

This also comes with cloud services integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. You can use this app free with ads. It also has a premium version to remove the ads.


Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy call recorder

When you use any of Samsung mobile phones in past, then this app makes you remember your previous or old Samsung mobile phone. This app UI is almost the same as the Samsung user interface.

Like other apps, it also has automatic and manually both features of call recording. Many people who not want to record calls at using earphones and headphones due to high noise. This call recorder app is best for them because in this app have an option of disabling call recording. It might be best for Samsung mobile phones. (Let me know if its work on Samsung mobile phones)


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All Call Recorder Lite 2020

all call recorder lite 2020

It’s one of the simplest apps. This app comes with very basic features and functions. It comes with Incoming and outgoing calls recording and has features that are cloud storage support. If you are looking for some lite app, then this app is for you.


RMC Call Recorder

RMC call recorder

this app is the best call recording app ever, Its records your incoming and outgoing calls. Th app supports many types of formats Like AMR, MP3, MP4, 3GP, WAV. For keeps, you file safe it has a Trash folder. So you do not worry about accidentally deletion.

You can also secure your recordings with four digits of passcodes. There is an option to upload your file in cloud storage Like Google Drive and Dropbox.


Black Box Call Recorder

black box call recorder

This app is another call recorder app. It comes with a dark theme that ‘s everyone wants today. It record your all calls automatically and stored in Google drive. This app also co,s with security lock features that make your file more secure. Its delete old recordings automatically.


In The Final Word

Now you have a list of 7 best android apps for call recording. So now go check which app is suitable for your android devices. And let me know If you know better any other call recorder app.

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