best karaoke apps for android

7 Best Karaoke Apps for Android that Make your New Express

Best Karaoke apps for Android

If you are our regular readers or previously read some articles, then you know very well that how much I love songs and I know you also love songs. It does not work only emotionally, its work also physiologically on our mind to remove stress and give relaxation also.

You can express to anyone your feeling, emotions, pains, and happiness without saying any single words, that’s the power of music. And also that’s the reason everyone loves music.

Now, everyone loves and enjoys their favorite songs to sing while they listening. Singing students also want to practice their songs with music to improve their performance as well. For the help of those peoples, we curated a list of best karaoke apps for android.

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Yes..! These apps help you to sing your favorite songs in your own voice with original background music.

Best Karaoke Apps for Android

Best karaoke apps for Android
Best Karaoke Apps for Android

Don’t be shy..! You try these apps and most important things with the help of these karaoke apps you find your talent also. And find also which of your favorite song is perfect for your voice. And we all know that everyone loves songs. With the help of this, you can make another image in front of your friends, families, and someone special.

So, Don’t be shy.. keep practicing, and make your songs as a perfect express for you.

Express your talent to makes someone Impress.

I think at least one of these apps you kept on your phone.

So, Let us begin.

Note: Using karaoke apps for with headphones, for better and liable experience.

Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android

Best free karaoke apps for android
Best free karaoke apps for android



Smule is the most popular and downloadable (100M+) karaoke app. It comes with lots of features that make this app more useful and entertaining. You can sing your favorite songs in just a few clicks. Its has tons of karaoke music database. You can find the latest and trending songs also. In this app, you find awesome hidden talents. (It’s in your also, just try this app) And I’m damn sure you get surprised with that.

You can sing solo and duet. You also can record your video while you singing. It offers you a studio effect for that help you can polish your voice and convert your sound like a pro. Its video effects make your recoded video more wonderful. You also can upload your song in Smule songbook for your fans and other singers to perform.


All Free Karaoke – Sing & Record

All free karaoke - Sing & Record

It is a pretty good small app. It comes with very basic features. You can find your favorite singer’s songs and sing with them. It has a rich user interface that’s never bored you and very easy to use.

These apps for those peoples who find a lean and lite app of karaoke. It’s a very lite app that’s can run in old and low range android devices. Using this app is FREE with ads.


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Starmaker is another best karaoke apps for android. It helps you to sing like a star. You can sing with your favorite and famous singers Like Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam and many more. And make also duet with it.

Starmaker is also the most popular and downloadable (100M+). It also has tons of features. Pick the latest, trending, and your favorite also, and start singing. It also guide you while you singing, when your voice tone needs ups and downs. (and that’s I loved it)


Sing Free Karaoke

Sing free karaoke

Sing free karaoke comes with basic features. It has a good interface that makes this app more user friendly. This app is connected with YouTube when you play your song as a karaoke, Its auto play from YouTube. It shows your song lyrics and plays karaoke as well. And with the record button, you will record your song.

I personally find an advantage of these apps, we are all not want to listen to our favorite or any of song while we are working. Songs make distraction with it, but we also loved listening tunes while we working and its and break our focus. It also helps to do our work more enjoyable. (Even, you will get surprised to listen that I also heard a tune when I write this line)

So, I recommend to you that not for karaoke singing, you use this app while you working.

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Karaoke lite

Karaoke lite

In this app, you find all types of instrumental songs like sad, emotional, hip-hop, soft, and many more. If you are a student of piano, guitar, etc then this app definitely helpful for you. Even also for those people who want to sing with instrumental tunes. Its rich user interface not getting too bored you. You do not need to do any settings of these.

And most of it has a voice search option that helps to find your karaoke music very easily. Its has on-time lyrics player on the screen that gives you a proper lyrically guide


Starmaker lite

Starmaker lite

Starmaker lite is a little version of Starmaker parent app. It comes with similar and parallel features of the parent app Starmaker.

It has a story of in its previous. When Starmaker app launch and that getting so many downloads but in the small and mid-budget phone Starmaker is not working perfectly. Then their audience reports it to the company. And now we have a Starmaker lite version that comes with the same features and support any kind of android devices.


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Sargam is another and cool best karaoke apps for android. It’s also a most downloadable karaoke app over there. It’s pretty similar to Starmaker app. No, it is not founded by Starmaker, it’s founded by the Sargam team. It comes with lots of features that I not covered within a single post.

It has music and video both effects that improve your vocals and increase your video productivity like a pro. You can share your own songs with your friends and fans. Yes, whenever you have a talent then why not you get in popular with it. It promotes your videos automatically that increases your fans following.


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In The Final Words

Now you have a list of 7 best karaoke apps for android and its also free to use, In other words, we say that best free karaoke apps for android. We made this list with our personal experience with all of these apps and in the future, we will keep updating the list, when we found any of the best karaoke apps that help you to also.

Even, if you know some best karaoke apps for android that is except for this list then please share with us by dropping comments below and we will add in our list to help our visitors to find the best karaoke apps.

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