Best logo maker apps for android

9 Best Logo Maker Apps for Android 2020

Best Logo Maker Apps for Android

Creations of LOGO is not an easy job! Its requires high level of Computer specs and lots of experiences.

But it also trues that with the raising of technology day by day. Now it gets too easy, You can create an impressive logo with your android smartphone within a minimal period. You don’t need to have a high spec computer or any experience. You need just your android smartphone in your hand with zero level experience (feeling excited).

So, Lets talk about Logo

Best Logo Maker Apps for Android
Best Logo Maker Apps for Android

Logo creates a visual identity of Business, Brands and Firms. Many companies are mostly known by its Logo Like Apple phones.

An attractive logo helps to improve authority and beats competitors for example, when you have Rs. 40000 and you want to purchase a good android smartphone. and the salesman shows you a Vivo smartphone or a one plus smartphone. I’m damn sure that you go with one plus. Because one plus is more attractive or impressive than Vivo. That’s the power of Logo.

A logo represents the quality, work and structure of the business or firms. Logo helps to create a brand image in front of peoples.

Not only business or brands are able to use logo. Anyone can use logo by their profession like YouTubers and Gamers.

I hope you understand the power of logo and excited to create a logo for you or your business.

And, we curated a list of best logo maker apps for android that help to make your visual identity.

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So, let us begin.

Note: Many of these apps in market comes with same name so make sure that you download apps from the given links

Best Logo Maker Apps For Android


Canva is the best logo maker apps for android. Canva helps you to create a logo within a minute. It has 60000+ ready templates that’s save your time to the creation of a logo and 500+ Fonts to design and provides an attractive look. And also it has various types of colors that help to look more attractive, Impressive, and informative. It is a great app to design a logo with zero experience.

You can customize with your preferences. For beginners, it is a very useful app to practice and improve their graphic design skills. It has amazing editing tools that help to create your logo easier.

With the help of this app, you not only create a Logo, you can also create flyers, posters, invitation cards, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and many more. It is also available online on their website and the online version more powerful. It is the best logo maker app online.

Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

Logo Maker is another best professional logo maker app for android. A professional logo designer app that creates and designs the best impressive logo. With the help of this app, anyone can create logos in a very easiest way. It comes with tons of arts, colors and backgrounds and textures. And also it has professional editing tools to create an amazing logo.

Logo maker has huge collections of arts, textures, graphics elements, and shapes and with the help of these, you can create a professional logo within seconds. So, I recommend you try these logo maker apps at once for the creation of a professional logo.

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PicsArt is a photo editor tool (shocked). Yes! It is a photo and video editor app and it is most powerful. It offers you to create a logo but needs the experience of the best or Intermediate level. With the help of this powerful app, you can create a more attractive logo like Carry minati, Technical guruji, and many more. It depends on your creative skills.

I attached a video on that, shows to or give you an idea that how you can make a logo with the help of picsart app.

Beginners can also try this app and improve their skills and creativity levels. It gives you the full authority to make your designs. So make sure you use this app not only for editing photos and videos, but also use for making attractive logos. And for that reason, we listed this app in our best logo maker app download for android list.

Logo Maker plus

Logo Maker Plus is also known as Logopit – Logo Maker. And I can’t tell you how many features it has. It has a feature called Font+ that got around 700 new font families. And creations of text in 3D make this app more awesome. Yes, In this app you can bend text, make text circular, and many more. Create a 3D text makes a logo more impressive and attractive.

It has tons of features, thousands of free graphic elements, and powerful editing tools. There is no limit to creations of creativity with Logopit – Logomaker app.

And the most important with the help of this app you can create a Facebook cover post, YouTube thumbnail, twitter post, Instagram post, and many more. It has 1000s of ready templates to create amazing and eye-catchy posts. Almost you can create all social media posts, images, thumbnails, and cover posts. It is the best logo maker app download for android.

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Logo Maker: Design & Create

Logo Maker: Design & Create
Logo Maker: Design & Create
Developer: Shopify Inc.
Price: Free
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create Screenshot
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create Screenshot
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create Screenshot
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create Screenshot
  • Logo Maker: Design & Create Screenshot

Logo Maker is the best logo maker application for android. For creating a logo you need to just fill your all details that what types of logo you want and his artificial intelligence do all your work done within a second. It is so easy that a child can make a logo very comfortably.

You can customize your logo to looks more attractive and eye-catchy. And the best part is you not need to pay for any logo that by creating itself. It is completely free. Just choose the perfect one for you and customize it and your logo is ready to use.

Desygner – Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor

Desygner is the other best logo maker apps for android. With the help of these, you can create a stunning design logo within a seconds. It is a perfect and best app for graphic design. And it also offers you to use lifetime royalty-free professionally design images for your business or brand.

Customize logo with editing tools and makes it more attractive, Informative, and impressive to beat your competitor and gives the value you to differ from others.

With the help of this app, you can make your all promotional activities graphics designs, posts Infographics, and many more for free of cost. Sometimes it may be charged for some designs and images but the free versions are awesome.

Additionally, you can create Resumes/CVs, Invitation cards like Birthdays and parties, postcards, magazine newspaper covers, and many more. If you are serious about graphic design then try this app once.

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Logo Maker

Logo maker is another best logo maker apps for android. This app is pretty similar to Canva. It has 1800+ ready templates to design the logo. You just need to pick or choose a template and go for it. With the help of this app, you can create a logo in very minimal time.

Anyone can use this app to design a high-quality logo. It also has lots of variety of backgrounds, icons, and fonts that make your logo more attractive and eye-catchy. If you are a beginner of graphic designing skills then it gives you lots of knowledge.

And the best part is that this app not only makes an attractive logo. With the help of this, you also can make business cards, flyers, invitations, invoices, thumbnails, and many more.

Logo Esport Maker

Logo Esport maker is specially designed for gamers. If you are gamers like me then you want a professional logo for you and this app helps you to create professional gaming logos. You don’t need to pay for it you can make your logo within just a few clicks.

It has a lot of features to make your logo more attractive. And huge collections of templates to make your professional gaming logo within a minute.

The best part of this app is fully free. You don’t need to pay for it. Try this app and make your gaming logo create a visual identity for you and your teams to looks more professional and pro.

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Adobe spark post

Adobe Spark post is an easy, funny, and fast way to create stunning graphics. In this app, you find ready professional templates that help to make your logo easier. With the help of this app, you can create stunning eye-catchy, high responsible post, and many more.

Anyone can create any kind of logo, post, flyer, and many more with very little time. You also can create high quality animated video posts. You don’t need any experience to create a high-level post, logo, flyers, and many more.

It has tons of features that make adobe spark post more awesome. And I’m damn sure that using this app you get to fall in love with attractive features.

In The Final Word

Now, you have a list of best logo maker apps for android. So, download from these apps with your preferences and make your logo as you want without spending any single money. Now just enjoy the experience of design and creates awesome designs for you and your clients.

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Thanks for Reading.

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