best low mb games android

10 Best Low MB Games for android that’s you never ignored [2020]

Best Low MB games for Android

In today’s world Everyone Love to play Games, No matter Games are online or offline. Its scientifically proved that playing the games are improve the productivity and creativity of our mind. Its also helps to release stress and gives a power boost to Brain, that’s improves focus on Work.

The online games are more much popular than offline games. Even online games are too heavy and comes with much more greater size. To handle heavy and big capacity games must be need the powerful processor, and the powerful processor not comes under mid-range smartphones or old ager phones. Don’t worry! It’s not meant that the older and under mid-range smartphone users are not play Games.

We recommending best Low Mb games for you and that’s the reason you came here, you really want to know the best Low mb games for android smartphone, Right! So lets began.

10 Beat Low MB games

Note: I tested these games on a Realme 3 pro and all of them have a package size smaller than, or equal to, 26MB. However, the package size may vary depending on your particular smartphone

Best Low MB Games for Android

1.Bob’s world

Bob's world
Bob’s world

How many of you, comes here are super Mario fans Drop the comments “yes I am” I want to know.

I am sure Many people are still now, Loved Mario Right !In this game your love comes again to you and bring some special memories of your childhood.Bob’s world game is fully designed like super Mario game. You should must try it.

Download Bob’s world

2. Knock down

knock down
Knock down

Knock down is like angry bird game, but here is not birds who take revenge from their enemies for their eggs. Its only for fun and very simple designed that’s you loved it. In this game total 70 levels are given that’s become hard one by one. Don’t worry not too hardIts based on your aims and focus

Download knock down

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3. Auto theft gangster

Auto gangster
Auto gangster

No no no its not GTA, Auto theft gangster is criminal based adventure game in 3D open world Game.In short summary- Game discription is,The streets of the city are in turmoil. A war between all the well-known crime families leads the town to self-destruct under insolence, deportation, murder and revenge. You arrive in the town just before the gang war and now it’s your opportunity to rise through the ranks of the grand underworld. Steal the cars, punch the kingpins and even shoot down the godfathers while gaining notoriety or just gorge on fast food & obey every traffic light – it’s up to you.

Download Auto gangster

4.Devil ninja 2

devil ninja 2
Devil ninja 2

Devil ninja game provide by Droid studio. Its has a very powerful characters who kills his enemies. Its battle between Ninja and devils monster. Your mission is kill all the monster and collect energy balls. Game graphics is really awesome you love that. You will be never bored while playing this.

Download Devil Ninja 2

5. Dr.Driving

Dr. driving
Dr. driving

Many of you people are know about this game. I give a small introduction who not know about this game. Dr driving is that game who teach car driving’s basic knowledge to Gamers. Every types of vehicles are available that’s gives you all vehicles knowledge. For improvement of yours many types of mode are given that never bored you. Its comes with various types of challenges.

Download Dr.Driving

6. Infinity loop

Infinity loop
Infinity loop

Infinity loop is a fun way to improve your logic skills. The goal of this game is clear your mind, release stress that’s make your life easier. You must have to download this game. Its simple and endless game. That’s the reason many people loves it. I strongly recommend to you download this game.

Download Infinity loop

7. Stickman and gun 3

Stickman and gun 3
Stickman and gun 3

Its very normal and basic game for childrens. In this game a gun man kills zombies and earn money in dollar based. The mission is have to maintain himself from that money by purchase health, new guns and bullet. Increasing levels is depends on increasing by building floor.

Download Stickman and gun 3

8. Real Bike Racing

Real bike racing
Real bike racing

Real bike racing is adrenaline fueled 3D Motorcycle racing game. Its gives you real motorcycle racing experience. It must try to all motor bike riders. You just open the game start the race, hit the gas and experiance the thrill of 200 HP beast. Its 3D graphics comes with dynamic lighting effect, that’s feel you more realistic. Feel your racing experience with 10+ types of super bikes that’s looks really great. If you are a bike lover, you must try this game.

Download Real Bike Racing

9.City jump

City Jump
City Jump

City jump… sound likes jumping games Right ! YES, you absolutely right. I know many peoples are know about it, and played this but many peoples have too not know the game. So let me introduce to you (who not know). In this game a superhero jumps between two parallel building to avoid the obstacles on the wall. Hero kills monster, birds and enemies on the way and when he kills one particular things 3 times, he got turbo boost energy. I think you should try this.

Download City jump

10.Modern sniper

Modern Sniper
Modern Sniper

Modern sniper is a first person sniping game, in this game you fight with underworld gangsters and kill them. You just only picked your scope on,AIM and Shoot ! Its not open world game but for shooting or sniping, it is best. Its comes with 6 unique maps and ultra realistic 3D graphics. In this game 7 different real world weapons added that you can use or learn about it.

Download Modern sniper

In Final word

Now you have a list of best low mb games for android. So why are you waiting for go ahead and download all low mb games for your android.

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