Best Meditation Apps for Beginners

6 Best Meditation Apps for Beginners that Help you to Do Meditation with Easy Way

Best Meditation Apps for Beginners 2020

We all know how much meditation is important to us. Meditation helps us to improve good things and reduce bad things like increase self-awareness, increase imagination and creativity of our mind, help to building new skills, improve focus and help to reduce stress, negative emotions, and many more.

In today’s duration, everyone has many problems and stress in their life. And for that everyone has to do meditation regularly. Meditation helps to improve patient and keeps clam. Even, everybody needs to start to do meditation regularly at least 15-20 minutes in the morning.

If you thinking now to start meditation from today then congratulation you take the best decision. Starting meditations from beginning it really hard because it needs peace of mind. And our mind is not prepared for that. So, that the reason we curated the list of best meditation apps for beginners.

These apps help you to start meditation from the beginning. These apps guided you to do meditation in a proper way. If you already do meditation then you can also try these apps. All apps are really great and awesome.

So, let us Begin.

Best Meditation Apps for Beginners

6 Best Meditation Apps for Beginners


Aware is the most popular and lovable meditation app. It helps you to start meditation with its foundation course. The foundation course of meditation will be 21 days. Out of 21 days, 7 days are absolutely free. And after 21 days its unlock with various types of meditations that help you to grow at an expert level.

It also provides you masterclass which is created by reputed meditation teachers from across the globe and cover many topics like clam mind, relieve stress, improves the relationship, improves productivity, enhances focus, and many more.

Aware offers you two types of subscriptions $3.99 monthly and $29.99 annually.

Download for Android

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Calm is another best meditation app for beginners. Calm helps you to grow step by step in your starting days of meditation. Clam also guided you to grow the length of meditation by a perfect time schedule. Clam helps you to track your daily progress.

Calm has hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. So, there is no matter that the only beginners can use this app. Calm is a meditation app that is highly recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. And I also recommend that if you seriously want to make a part meditation in your daily life then you definitely try this app.

Download for Android and iOS

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Headspace is another best meditation app for beginners who guided you on how to do meditation regularly at the beginning. It also has a lot of features and courses that guide you to do meditation from beginning.

Within the headspace app, you learn new techniques that help you to deal with stress and anxiety, relax your mind, and many more. It also has a move mode that help you to mood-boosting. With lots of courses and modes, it comes with one more awesome mode that is sleep mode. In sleep mode, you find sleep casts, sleep music, and wind down that help you better and restful sleep.

Download for Android and iOS

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Insight Timer

Insight Timer - Best Meditation Apps for Beginners
Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the most popular app for meditation. Like all apps, this app helps you to do a guided meditation. It has lots of courses and modes that help you to get an intermediate level easily. It’s provided you world most popular meditation timer and you can also follow your favorite teacher as well.

It has thousands of meditation music tracks and ambient sounds that help you to calm your mind and sleep better. You can easily browse your popular topic like leadership, better relationship, loving-kindness, and many more.

I’m damn sure that when you experience this app you are getting a fan of it. It has a premium subscription but the free version is more than enough.

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Let’s Meditate

Let's Meditate - Best Meditation Apps for Beginners
Let’s Meditate

It’s again the best meditation app for beginners. It is a very lean and light app for android. This app is perfect for those people who are looking for a light app for meditation. The user interface of this app is very simple (you definitely loved it). Every category is designed very well.

It has a vast variety of content that’s creating a wide variety of topics to suit your situation. So, you don’t need to worry about miss any content related to meditation.

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Prana Breath

Prana Breath - Best Meditation Apps for Beginners
Prana Breath

Like all apps, Prana Breath is also the best meditation apps for beginners. It is again a lean and light app. And the best part of this app is it’s absolutely free with no advertisement. It has different types of new techniques that give you another experience of meditation. Use the power of breathing techniques and meditation to increase your mindfulness and live a better life.

It does not matter if you do yoga, dieting, diving, or not, you easily see a positive improvement. And especially it has unique Anti-Appetite training that helps you to fight emotional overeating. I don’t try this feature because I did not need this. So, if you eat over and want to control your overeating then definitely try this app once.

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In the Final Words

Here is the best meditation app for the beginner that helps you to grow at an expert level with proper guidelines. With the help of these apps, you can easily do meditation. All Apps are available for android but some apps are not available for iOS. So, make sure that you select your perfect one.

And as you all know that when we write an article, we experience everything about the article and try to cover everything that solve your regular problems that’s why we are post the article too late because this article takes much time to identify every apps. So, if like this article then don’t forget to share.

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Thanks for Reading.

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