Jio caller tune

Jio caller tune: 4 ways to set || How to set jio caller tune.

“Here you can set with 4 different ways to activate your jio caller tune and one bonus point also.”

In today still, many people do not know that How to set jio caller tune, or it is still free or paid. The answer is YES, it’s absolutely FREE. You do not need to pay for any subscriptions to jio except your mobile phone recharge. As per jio promised, all prime members are able to all jio subscriptions for FREE. Examples- jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio news, Jio saavn, and many more.

Ohk ! Lets come on our topic.

Their are four ways to set jio tune.

  • Jio saavn
  • My jio app
  • Via SMS
  • Via copy Method

How to Set jio caller tune via jiosaavn

jio caller tune via jio saavn

Step 1: Download the Jio saavn app from playstore or app store.

Step 2: open the app

Step 3: Search for your favourite song that you want to set your caller tune on your number

Step 4: select the song and Tap the “set Jiotune” button.

Step 5: prelistening (perview) your jio tune via play button. When you like it then press once again “set Jiotune” button.

That’s it!

You receive a sms from jio the jio tune is activate on your jio number.

How to Set Via My jio app?

Jio caller tune via my jio app

Step 1: Download My jio app from playstore or app store.

Step 2: Open the app

Step 3: Go to option menu, top left side corner of your screen

Step 4: Select Jio tune option

Step 5: Select your jio tunes. And set as

That’s it!

How to Set jio tune via SMS?

You can send via SMS with ‘First 3 words of song’ of your choice and send it to 56789 (Don’t worry its free).

Jio caller tune via sms1

Here more one way SMS ‘JT’ to 56789

And reply with these format

Jio caller tune via sms 2

When you find your song jio send a confirmation message to you reply with ‘Y’ for YES and you are done, Your jiotune is set successfully on your number

How to Via Copy method?

When you like someone other Jiotune and also you wants as yours. You don’t need to go anywhere. Here is a very simple process

Step 1: Call that particular number.

Step 2: In the duration of listening Jiotune press the (*) star button.

Step 3: Jio send you a confirmation message reply with ‘Y’.

That’s it!

As per My promised the Bonus point is below.👇👇

How to Remove Jio tune and back again normal phone ring?

SMS ‘STOP’ to 56789

That’s it!

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